Class 3 created their own graphic score and tried playing them on the glockenspiels!  
Class Two have been very busy creating their own pieces of music. They have used graphic notation so that anybody can play their tune.  It was a very noisy but productive afternoon!
In Music, Class 2 listened to some different sea shanties as part of our Coastline theme. We started to learn the lyrics and the melody in order to sing along in tune, building on our previous singing by using a wider vocal range. We liked the Wellerman song the most and thought that pirates and sailors sang sea shanties when they were on ships for a long time to keep their spirits up when they had lots of work to do!  
In Music last term, we learned what is meant by ‘pitch’, building on this knowledge, Class 2 have been identifying high, middle and low pitches; showing them by patting our knees, shoulders or heads. Then we listened to our Sea Shanty and identified the pitch changes within it.
We collected objects and listened to the different sounds they could make.
We then formed musical bands to listen to each other's tunes.