In Literacy, Class 3 are reading about Women In Science. Today we read biographies about some of these women and wrote our own speeches to share the most important parts of their lives. We presented these speeches to the rest of the class and learnt lots of interesting facts! 
In our inference intervention groups we always begin our learning by remembering some of the strategies we can use to help us.
As part of our Literacy unit, Class 1 have been learning about transport. For our final piece, we will be writing an information text about a chosen mode of transport. On Thursday we used the Chromebooks and Ipads to find out some information to go in to our text.
Some of our children are currently taking part, in some small group, work based on improving their inference skills.  The children read a text and then have to dig deeper to get the best understanding of the text they can.  This is what some of them had to say about their learning:
'I have become better at questioning the text.'
'I now look for reasons why something happens in a text.'
'My detective and predicting skills have improved.'
'I know when I read a text I can underline vocabulary that I am unsure of and I now make notes on a text to help me.'
'I like that we have discussions about the text in our group.'
Some of our younger children have been practising their phonic and reading skills with a TA.  The children have really enjoyed their learning and have made fantastic progress.  These are some of the comments they made about their learning:
'I am really pleased I am now a free reader. I got a silver ticket because I got 100% in my reading.'
'I like pointing at the letters to work out the sounds.'
'I like doing the Bug Club crosswords.'
Some of our Year 6 having been working hard on improving their writing by learning how to carefully proof-read and edit their writing.  They have been thinking hard about how they can use different devices to make their writing the best it can be.  These are some of the things the children had to say about their learning:
'I am more confident using expanded noun phrases.'
'I have learned it's important to use powerful adjectives.'
'I like having a picture to describe and then using creative language.'
'I like how we talk about and share our ideas.'
Our writing group have been describing a winters setting using a range of literary devices including powerful adjectives, fronted adverbial, metaphors and similes.
In Class 1 this week, we made sandwiches to help us with our instruction writing unit in Literacy. We grated the cheese, chopped the cucumber, spread the jam and folded the bread.  We then had a go at writing the instructions for someone else to follow.
The Reception children have been busy using their phonic knowledge to help them label different places on their town map they created.
Last week, parents were invited to share in some of the learning in Class 1. We had lots of activities set up with a focus on reading and writing; the ice cream shop proved a hit! During the hour, children were able to share with their parents some of the learning that has taken place during the year and talk to their adults about how we learn in Class 1.
Children from Years 5 and 6 have been awarded with the prestigious Blue Peter Badge for their work on writing a monthly newsletter for other children in the school called 'This Month'.  The newsletter contains school news, comics, puzzles, colouring and discussions about current affairs.
Congratulations to the girls for writing such fabulous newsletters and being recognised for their work by Blue Peter.