Design Technology

Class Two have been learning about mechanisms and levers in their Design and Technology lesson. They have made a simple mechanism using card as a lever and a split pin as a pivot.  This learning will be used when they make their end product! 
Class Two have worked really hard to design and create persuasive pictures with moving parts that uses levers and linkages. They have carefully planned their pictures, created prototypes and then made their final products which have been amazing. 
Class 3 have been researching various stitch types and looking at the difference between hand and machine stitching.
We looked around our church for examples of embroidery, tapestry and stitching.
Some of the stitches we noticed included running stitch, cross stitch, blanket stitch and chain stitch.
Over the coming weeks we will be creating our own tapestries of a Luna landscape and perfecting our sewing skills. 
Class 3 have been practising different stitches as part of our DT sewing project this half term, designing our own lunar surface as part of Stargazers! We have learnt running stitch, cross stitch, chain stitch and french knots so far. 
In DT, Class 2 have moved on from researching beach huts and have been busy practising using different techniques to strengthen, join and score cardboard. We will use these skills when we come to build our beach huts as part of our Coastline Theme! 
This afternoon Class 2 built on their skills from last week where we decided what materials we would use and we designed our beach huts! We discussed important criteria such as ‘being strong’ and ‘being colourful’ in order to plan our our design. We can’t wait to start constructing our beach huts next week! 
Today we began the building stage of our DT sequence on building a stable structure. Using previous knowledge of cardboard attachments, the children joined boxes carefully thinking about which methods would make their structures strong.
In DT Class 2 have been busy using all the skills that they have learnt over that last few weeks! We strengthened, scored and joined our beach hut nets together. We then chose a suitable material to make cladding with to cover the side of our beach huts ready to paint and decorate brightly next week! 
As part of our Coastline theme in DT, Class 2 followed their plans and painted their beach huts today! We were very excited about choosing bright colours to make our beach huts stand out and managed to make all the colours we needed by mixing primary colours together.