Curriculum Coverage

Curriculum Coverage at Woodbury Salterton CE Primary School

We have developed a broad and balanced, creative curriculum which is based on knowledge and skills. The curriculum inspires our children to ask questions and deepen their understanding of the topics covered. We have used the Cornerstones Curriculum to support the planning of our rolling programme, which encompasses the National Curriculum but also gives the opportunity for us to build on children’s interests, skills and questions about the topics covered.

 Our curriculum design is based on evidence from cognitive science; three main principles underpin it:

1)    Learning is most effective when spaced rather than blocked

2)    Interleaving helps pupils to discriminate between topics and aids long term retention

3)    Retrieval of previously learned content is frequent and regular, which increases both storage and retrieval strength.

Some of our content is subject specific, whilst other content is combined in a cross-curricular approach.

Our school is an integral part of our community and is situated in an Area of Outstanding National Beauty and close to the Jurassic Coastline. We believe it is important that as well as opening the children’s eyes to opportunities in the wider world, we should celebrate the customs, traditions and natural resources that we have locally. Going on walks in the village, inviting members of the community into school and visiting places further afield in Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset are important elements of our rich curriculum which, we believe, put the children’s learning into context, therefore making it more memorable.

The summary documents below show the key vocabulary, key areas of knowledge and example activities that will be covered in each topic throughout the school each term.