Mental Health

Our Mental Health ambassadors have just finished 6 weeks of training with Paula from 'Heads Up', which has equipped them to run playtime workshops with the rest of the school.  These will focus on improving pupils mental health. 
Lunchtime happiness has been found through playing board games for a few of our pupils this week. Our Mental Health Ambassadors along with members of the Ethos group have organised a lunchtime club each day to promote friendship across the school and this week our photo is of Board Games club!
Class 3 enjoyed a dance session with Becky Mason which focussed on improving Mental Health through physical exercise. The children were brilliant in creating some dance routines and thinking about how the session had made them feel.  Many children reported that music and dance always makes them feel better when they are feeling down. 
To kick off Children's Mental Health Awareness Week, Class 2 gave each other compliments today! There were so many smiles and lovely compliments being sent around the class, which made everyone feel really good about themselves. 
Our Ethos and Mental Health teams have been working hard this week reminding classes about the importance of looking after their mental health. The children made their own Powerpoints, which they shared with others across the school, outlining what mental health is and what they can do to keep themselves mentally healthy. As a result of our presentation in Class Three we have all decided that we are going to support each other in keeping ourselves hydrated throughout the day.